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What We Do

Whatever the business logic you require Digital Wonder Works expertly transforms it into a fast, efficient web application with a fantastic user experience. Digital Wonder Works combines a background of software engineering, over a decade of custom web development experience and the latest tools and techniques to develop your web application. This ensures the result is a web application that takes your business further.

If you need a web application designed from scratch
Digital Wonder Works can help.

If you have a web presence that needs some new functionality
Digital Wonder Works can help.

If you are a web designer or have had web design work done but need help with the implementation
Digital Wonder Works can help.

Past Projects

Over the years Digital Wonder Works has completed projects for businesses of all sizes and fulfilling a wide variety of purposes. Each and every project custom made to meet the exact needs of each client. Here you will find just a small sampling of the great things Digital Wonder Works has done for our clients.

Wordpress customization has been a part of many projects. Custom built themes and custom built addons. From front end visuals ensuring the proper look and feel for the client's brand to addons performing extremely complex buisiness logic covering almost anything you can imagine.

Magento customization has led to clients being able to do things that just wouldn't be possible otherwise. The inclusion of products having attributes that Magento can't normally accommodate. Special product pages presenting products in ways more suitable to the specific product. Dynamic insertion of images, text and video throughout pages to promote products based on visitor profiles.

When clients have system requirements that demand it Digital Wonder Works builds complete custom solutions from the ground up. This has allowed clients to benefit from web applications that perform exactly the business rules they want and seamlessly integrate into existing business processes.

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